The development of biodegradable and renewable plastics is gaining a great deal of attention today as a necessary element to protect the environment from the harmful toxic effects related to the mismanagement of non-biodegradable fossil-based plastics at the end of their useful life. The main factor driving the growth of the bioplastics market is the increasing demand for environmentally friendly measures, both at the legislative level and on the part of the end consumer. In this context, Kompuestos participated in the World Biopolymers and Bioplastics Innovation Forum in Berlin to present the innovations of the Revoluzion project and enzymatic biodegradation. The summit, an important networking event, brought together more than 150 industry experts from bioplastics manufacturers, major industry associations, raw material and technology manufacturers, consultants, to discuss the latest developments, cutting-edge technologies, new challenges and opportunities in sustainable bioplastics and biocomposites.

Kompuestos as a company active in the production of sustainable plastic compounds has developed and certified neory, a complete range of biodegradable and compostable products for the replacement of traditional plastics, especially in sensitive applications such as single-use bags and products that are difficult to recycle. In this sense, the R&D manager, Dr. Grégory Coué, presented the different product ranges and also the latest developments that the R&D department and its involvement are carrying out to develop more sustainable single-use articles. In Revoluzion, Kompuestos participates in the research that tries to solve the sustainability of plastic through the introduction of a tailor-made pack of regenerated enzymes duly protected to support extrusion processes, which favor the biodegradation of bioplastics.